The naali (Finnish name for the little polar fox) from which we take our name, symbolizes the wild beauty of the region where we live; but also the effects of climate change on the earth and its biodiversity. Naali Travel is indeed a young company concerned about its impact on the planet.

In these times of unprecedented threats in human history, it is sometimes difficult to find the best way to get involved. That is why we are extremely humble about the solutions we have put in place and will not stop trying to reduce our impact.

From the beginning of our adventure, we have tried to integrate the bases of sustainability in our development but it seemed important to us to rely on a recognized organization to advise us: Green Key.

We have been awarded the label Green Key in March 2020, in conjunction with our key partners (Kota-Husky, Posioutdoor) who have accompanied us in this process, making our program one of the most responsible in Finland.

In June 2020, we were among the first twenty companies in Finland to receive the label Sustainable Travel Finland awarded by Visit Finland to promote sustainable tourism.

Obtaining these prestigious labels makes us proud and obliges us.

But this approach only makes sense if our guests, past and future, share it. We are therefore at your disposal to collect your ideas and comments.

Our sustainability policy in detail :

  • One of our wishes is to help our guests become aware of the need to respect nature; to understand our impacts on it; to note the already sensitive effects of global warming in the Arctic regions and to start discussing the efforts to be undertaken;
  • We have signed a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus, which manages national parks and reserves in Finland. This agreement aims to define the visiting rules and the respect that each company must show. We also undertake to provide statistics on our visits to ensure a good balance of visitors;
  • We undertake to ensure that the rules of good conduct defined by Metsähallitus are observed during our tours
  • We limit our groups to 8 participants (even though the lodge has a capacity of 16 people) to ensure a quality stay and avoid the impacts of mass tourism (trampling, noise that can disturb wildlife …);
  • All our waste is systematically collected during our walks in the wilderness and brought back to the lodge where it is sorted and recycled;
  • We have chosen reusable cups, plates, and utensils from the Finnish company Kupilka made from environmentally friendly Kareline natural fibers in order not to generate plastic tableware waste;
  • We do not include snowmobiling activities in our program because we consider this activity to be polluting, noisy, and not an efficient way to discover the surrounding nature. It is a strong choice when it is regularly requested by some thrill-seekers and potential clients. We limit the use of snowmobiles to logistical uses (trail preparation, collective transport by sled…);
  • We have increased the length of our stays from 4 days to 7 days;
  • We minimize our impact by installing a geothermal system that provides heating and hot water. This significantly reduces our electricity consumption (at least 15,000 kWh/year);
  • The water comes from our well, the purity of which is regularly checked;
  • We encourage our guests to minimize their water consumption by using the showers responsibly;
  • We buy local products as soon as possible to reduce the impact of transportation;
  • We carry out systematic sorting of recyclable waste;
  • We avoid harmful chemicals when cleaning the premises and choose an eco-responsible brand “Ole Hyvä” for cleaning and toiletries products (shower gel, shampoo, etc.);
  • All our lamps are energy-saving (checked);
  • To minimize travel and our carbon footprint, we offer only one transfer on the day of arrival and the day of departure;
  • We focus our promotion on European countries so that our customers have a minimum number of kilometers to travel to reach us;
  • In the summer, we advise our guests to take the train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, from where we provide the transfer.


  • All the renovation work was carried out by three local companies;
  • We buy local handicrafts (ceramic objects created in cooperation with Miki Studio) and decorative items from Pentik;
  • We adapt the intensity of the program to the abilities and wishes of our guests (age, physical abilities…);
  • The two main buildings (lodge and restaurant) have an outside ramp to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility;
  • We support local businesses through their own activities (laundry and cleaning services);
  • We have selected partners who share common values with us (husky farm, local fisherman) and highlight the traditional and local culture;
  • Access signage has been improved.


  • We have respected the local architecture and Finnish-Scandinavian design during the renovation work;
  • We have chosen building materials, furniture, and decorative objects in the tradition of Finnish design, and reused existing furniture as much as possible;
  • Our partners (husky farm, local fisherman) deploy common values and promote traditional and local culture;
  • During our stays, we offer a visit to the Pentik Museum, which presents Finnish traditions and the history of the company;
  • We celebrate Finnish national holidays (Finnish flag hoisted on the mast) and explain to our guests their significance;
  • We teach our guests Finnish games (Mölkky, Pantti …)


  • We have selected local companies for renovation work;
  • No over-indebtedness;
  • Appropriate pricing;
  • We cooperate with local companies (husky breeding, reindeer breeding, local fisherman, local laundry), exchange of services;
  • Identification of target products for development (photo, ornithology, well-being, seniors, etc.);
  • Installation of a geothermal system for the heating of buildings (housing and restaurant) and hot water. Cost of the works: 100 euros. Significant reduction in electricity consumption of at least 15,000 kWh / year;
  • Selection, purchase, and regular maintenance of quality equipment (skis, snowshoes, etc.) to maximize its lifespan;
  • Our second winter season was fully booked;
  • High customer satisfaction, positive feedback (Google, Facebook, Booking.com) and recommendations to their networks;
  • Registration and launch of the platform for the sale of short stays via booking.com;
  • We have obtained a sustainability certification from a recognized organization: Green Key;
  • Visit Finland has named us among the top 20 companies in Finland as a winner of the Sustainable Travel Finland label.